Linna Golf is a small and warm-welcoming community consisting of shareholders and active members across Southern Finland. Rather than trying to seek exponential growth, we believe in taking exceptional care of our members and spreading the word by itself.

Linna Golf currently has approximately 300 members and 350 active golfers of all ages and backgrounds. Based on the latest national membership survey performed by the Finnish Golf Union, Linna Golf had the highest member NPS (80) of any golf club in Finland. In particular, the categories “It is fun to be part of my golf community” and “I feel welcome in my golf community” received outstanding ratings among Linna’s members.

Some members participate in weekly events, while others choose to enjoy their game more privately. Still, a warm spirit is shared across them all. The captains, Antti Luukkanen and Heikki Heino are voted by the community to maintain the spirit and welcoming atmosphere, along with developing the members’ benefits even further with the Linna Golf Staff.

You are warmly welcome to become part of the Linna Golf community!

Driving for satisfaction

A total of 300 members and around 350 active players are a part of our community. Based on the Players First -satisfaction survey and the willingness to recommend the course by our community players is the highest in Finland in national comparison (NPS 80).

In addition, Linna Golf’s own player ratings in the categories:”It is fun to be a member of the golf community” and ”I feel welcome in the golf community” have risen to the top of the entire nation in comparison.

Antti Luukkanen and Heikki Heino are the captains of Linna Golf in the season 2021. The captains are the representatives of the club elected by the membership, whose most important tasks are promoting social spirit, well-being and cohesion by their own example.